Saturday, September 6, 2008

About The Kingfisher Training Academy

The Kingfisher Training Academy The Kingfisher Training Academy has been instituted to cater to the growing demand for trained Service oriented professionals. It is the Vision of the Academy to fill the skills and knowledge required by the New Age Service Industry by addressing the gaps between an Educational Institution and the Organisation. This is achievable through distinctive training modules, qualified faculty and cutting edge infra-structure.

The Academy offers an environment of resourceful learning which is a haven for the aspiring individuals to discover their potential and to be transformed into skilled employable personnel.

The Courses provide essential and comprehensive learning needs to support and reinforce the students’ Professional and Personal Development in Image and Impression Management, Social Skills & Etiquette and Behaviour in Social Scenarios. Aviation and Hotel Hospitality will strengthen the skills required to support performance delivery. All these are aimed to build the confidence of the future service professionals who will have to face the challenges that come in their way.

The distinctive approach to training is that students must meet their quest for tangible success. Our mode of facilitations will inject interest and encourage the student to stay participative through the cycle of experiential learning in the arena of Personality and Performance Delivery Development.

Hence the concept of Kingfisher Training Academy was conceived to help the students to Soar to the Top.

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